Hello! We are Aaron & Niki Bartelt - the owners of MKE Outfitters. 

The Bartelt Family
We live in Bayview with our 1-year-old son, Theodore, and 11-year-old Belgian Malinois, Haley (who still has the energy of a puppy - just ask our mailman).

Our family is most complete in the summer, when Jayla, Aaron's 11-year-old daughter, is here with us. She lives in Rhode Island during the school year and we miss her like crazy every day.

Passion for Kids
As the oldest child in the family, Niki grew up helping babysit everyone from siblings to cousins to neighbors in the suburbs where she grew up.

"I’ve always loved kids. And being a mama is the most indescribable blessing of my life." - Niki

They say opposites attract and while Aaron & Niki have very similar personalities (hello type A), their backgrounds couldn’t be more different. Aaron grew up in a rough neighborhood in the inner city as the youngest child. He saw firsthand the struggles of those living in poverty and the profound impact negative experiences have on kids who are just trying to figure out the world. 

From those (totally different) childhoods and their own unique parenting experiences, a deep love of children in need was born and a desire to do something to give back. And so MKE Outfitters was born.

Check out our blog post on Our Why to learn more about the beginning of MKE Outfitters, our passion and company mission & values.  


Photography by: Front Room